How to Help Wounds to Heal Faster

Everyone wants a speedy recovery, especially in the case of a wound that disables you to work properly. There are fortunately certain essential oils that are used in aromatherapy that help to heal wounds faster. This practice came about in the early 1940’s and has gained pace due to its curative powers. Most essential oils are antiseptic and help to cure wounds.

You need to start with washing the wound with warm water and dilute a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil in the water. The tea tree oil helps to stop the bleeding and lavender oil is an antiseptic that helps to prevent the spread of the infection.

To quicken the healing process and reduce the bruise, use helichrysum oil around the wound but make sure it does not touch the wound. You can dab it around with a cotton ball or a Q- tip.

Thyme is an antiseptic herb. Grind it with a few drops of water until it forms a thick paste. Spread the paste all over the wound so that it covers it completely.

Mix lavender oil with olive or almond oil and pour the oil over the wound. Do not collect the extra oil but let it spill. Use about half a cup daily till the wound heals.

Mix the essential oil like rosemary or patchouli with massage oil. Soak the cotton in the oil and then place the cotton on the wound. Use a bandage or gauze to tie the wound. Change the gauze twice a day or more often if there is puss formation or blood.

Remember that these essential oils help wounds to heal faster, the quicker the wound heals the lesser the scars on your skin. If the wound needs stitches to heal then you can rub essential oils around the wound to help it to heal faster.