How To Help Your Dry Scalp When It Itches

It is mostly during winter that most people complain of dryness and itching sensation on the skin. If your skin is dry then you may have a dry scalp as well. Dry scalps are normally itchy. Most people believe that dandruff is the only cause for this condition but this is not completely true.

While it is one of the causes of itchiness there are several other reasons that contribute to this condition. Using too many hair products and not washing them off well, not eating a balanced diet and poor hygiene are the leading causes of this condition. No matter what may be causing the itching sensation and uneasiness on your scalp there are several home remedies for you to try in order to get relief from this condition.

You first need to evaluate the cause for this condition; this is the first step towards attaining relief from the itchiness. If you use products like leave in conditioners, hair sprays and gels on your hair often then you must try and limit your use. If you must use them regularly then maintain a hair care regime where you wash your hair daily in order to get rid of any chemicals or residue from the products. Also ensure that you are washing your hair with warm water. If the water is either too hot or to cold then the natural oils from your hair will be washed away leaving your hair dull and dry.

Dehydration could also be a cause for a dry scalp and the itching sensation that you experience. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated as it will be beneficial to your health, skin and your hair. I recommend drinking a glass of water every hour. This way you are flushing out toxins from your body regularly and this will keep your hair and skin radiant.

In order to get rid of flakes that result from the dry scalp you must massage your hair with tea tree oil. Warm the oil in the microwave for a few seconds and massage it into your scalp. Use only your finger tips to apply pressure to the scalp and use circular movements when you are moving around the scalp. This will let the oil enter the scalp and nourish it well. Let the oil stay on your scalp for an hour and then wash it off with warm water.

You will feel extremely uneasy when your scalp is dry and itchy but you must remember not to scratch the surface as this will lead to flakes and will worsen the situation. You must also ensure that you are eating a healthy well balanced diet. Foods like chocolates, nuts, chips, fried foods, those that contain animal fats and iodized salt must be avoided.