How to Hinder Hangover Pangs

Men will be men. They always love big boozing parties. They need an occasion to celebrate and if the occasion is special like birthdays or anniversaries, the level of liquor intake rises. What follow the “big party night” is obviously the hangover problems.

Excessive drinking causes hangover, which leads to annoyance, headache, aridness of mouth, and redness of eyes. With these symptoms of hangover, one feels completely eerie. So, it is always nice to go slow on drinking. Excessive drinking results in loss of water in the body and that lead to hangover. Here are few important tips to keep away from the after-effects of drinking.

Things to Do Before Boozing
Eat before you start consuming alcohol. Food helps to soak up alcohol and thus there is less possibility that after drinking heavily you will lose consciousness. Fruits are very good solution. Heavy drinking takes away important nutrients from our body. Fruits with vitamin B and vitamin C restore the lost nutrients. Oranges and grapes are good choices to prevent hangover.

Learn From the Past Experience
How many pegs you can mug-up and stay in control? It is very important to know your capacity. If in the past, you have experienced hangover after certain level of alcohol consumption, you must consider that as your limit. Going beyond your limit can again cause hangover.

What to Eat While Drinking
Eat while you drink! It is a good practice as it causes slow absorption of alcohol in the body. You can also take fresh fruit juice as it puts back the lost vitamins while boozing. Drink more water while you booze! This helps to avoid dehydration of your body and you won’t feel hangover next morning.

After Drinking
Drink water even after the booze party is over. You can also take constituents of Vitamin B and Vitamin C before you sleep. If you find difficult to sleep due to excessive drinking, drink more water.

Drinking is fun and it must be restricted to that level only. If you cross your limit and stretch more than your body can bear, the result is very bad and harmful. Always remember that you are the best judge of your body-tolerance. Happy Boozing!