How to Hydrate After a Heat Stroke

One of the main issues that a person who has suffered from a heat stroke will face is dehydration. When the body becomes over heated; it will cause the temperature in your body to increase and this will lead to your body overheating. When this happens the water in your body will begin to deplete and you will begin to get dehydrated. The most important thing at this point will be to hydrate yourself and seek medical help if you are not feeling too well.

The first thing you must do is hydrate your body internally as well as externally. Spray water on your skin in order to cool it down. Also drink plenty of water and fruit juices. At first you may throw up all the liquids that you drink but then you must drink some more and you will begin to feel cooler. Add ice to the water but do not eat plain ice as it will increase the heat in your body.

Remove any layers of clothing that you may be wearing. It will help to reduce the heat trapped in your body. You can try and stand under the shower for a few minutes; this too will help to release trapped heat in your body.

In your attempt to rehydrate your body you must make sure that you do not decrease your body temperature to an extent that you get shivers. This will cause your body to increase the temperature once again and it will lead to severe complications.

If you normally are not able to handle the heat then the best thing for you to do is to keep a cold drink with you at all times. Avoid any drinks with caffeine in them as they cause you to get dehydrated. An energy drink is the best way to boost your hydration levels and increase the sugar levels in your body. Sports drinks are the best option as they are loaded with electrodes that help you to hydrate your body almost instantly.