How to Identify Low Calorie Foods

Do not chalk out a diet plan till you fully understand your body’s requirements and the foods that can support those requirements with the least amount of calories. Listed below are a few healthy options that are low in calories yet extremely nutritious.

Cucumbers are a great option. They are not the tastiest option available however they help to fill you up. They are high in water content and hence help to keep you hydrated at the same time being low in calories allows you to indulge. Make a quick snack out of it by cutting up into slices and eating with salt sprinkled. It’s a healthier option to chips and fries.

The ideal meal plan would be not skipping any meals but eating healthier options every time.

Oats provide you with loads of energy while being extremely low in calories. Make a breakfast meal of oatmeal porridge that will keep you energized for the entire morning. A good breakfast is essential to a good diet plan as it keeps you away from junk foods throughout the day. Another simple breakfast would be a bowl of cereal with a packet of raisins and a cup of low fat milk. You are loaded with energy for the entire day.

At lunch time a perfect meal would include an omelet of egg whites and green vegetables. Drink a glass of fresh fruit juice or a fruit smoothie for a refreshing low calorie sugar high. You can choose to have a grilled vegetable sandwich as well. Stir fry vegetables cooked in olive oil are a healthy meal option. While the vegetables keep up your required nutrient levels the olive oil is low in fat and does not add to your calorie intake too much.

For dinner a salad is the best option. Choose a vinegar dressing rather than any other as they add to the calorie count. Finish the meal with low fat yogurt.

All alcoholic beverages are high in calories so consuming them is not recommended.