How to identify pregnancy signs

Different women have different signs of pregnancy symptoms but there are some signs that are common for all women. Within the first few days of getting pregnant, a woman’s body goes through a multiple of changes so as to make space for the baby. Here are some common as well as not so common signs of pregnancy.Fatigue: Pregnancy fatigue is a symptom which ranks high in being one of the early signs of pregnancy. As the hormone progesterone’s level ascends, blood sugar and blood pressure decrease. The combination of all these factors leads to feel tired and exhausted all the time.

Morning Sickness: Morning sickness can be taken as an early sign of pregnancy. Though most of the women feel this sickness, dizziness and vomiting at the early stages of the day, it can be felt at any time of the day. The smell of certain foods can cause the sickness to occur as because of hormonal changes during early pregnancy, the smell of these foods cannot be tolerated.

Swollen, sore breasts: Tender and fuller breasts can be taken as the symptom of the first trimester. These changes take place due to the early hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Missed period: This can be taken as the first and foremost cause of being aware that she might be pregnant. Though missed period can be due to a number of factors like stress, illness, changes in schedule of body clock, medication changes, overweight, miscalculations, underweight and so on, but surely missed period strikes fear of getting pregnant, if the lady does not want to become pregnant.

Frequent headaches: Recurrent headaches can also be taken by some as the early sign of pregnancy. These mild headaches are the cause of increased circulation of blood and changes in the level of the woman’s hormones in early phase of pregnancy.

Rise of body temperature: The basal temperature of the body rises slightly with ovulation and continues in that way until the next period. Higher basal temperature even after the start date of the menstruation can be taken as an early sign of pregnancy.

Spotting or vaginal bleeding: This is another symptom of early pregnancy. It occurs when a fertilized egg of the ovary attaches to the inside layer of the uterus. This bleeding usually stays for a day or two and is spottier and lighter in color than the normal period.