How To Improve Appetite

In general, by the term appetite, we mean the desire to eat. It is considered as one of the emotional states of the human beings that makes us quite susceptible to many things.

It is physical desire or strong urge that is natural and inborn in order to intake food or drinks. In some cases it has been found that the individuals do not like consume the required amount of food that is a necessity for them in order to sustain a healthy livelihood. This physical condition of the individual can be due to poor appetite or loss of appetite or lack of appetite.

Poor appetite of an individual can be due to a large number of factors which can not only be just due to physical condition but also mental, emotional and even spiritual. An individual who is having cancer or any other serious health condition, hormonal imbalance or eating disorder can have loss of appetite and these are considered as physical factors. Loss of appetite due to stress, anxiety or depression is thought as mental or emotional factors. However there are a lot of ways by which we can improve our appetite and here are some of them:

Eat small portions: Many individuals consume three or four big meals a day. It is not possible for an individual who is suffering from lack of appetite to consume one big meal at a time. Instead, consuming five to six small meals in a day can successfully help one to fight against loss of appetite and thereby improve appetite.

Lime: Lime has been known for hundreds of years as a fruit that helps to increase appetite. Any preparation that is made from this fruit as well as ginger helps one effectively to improve the appetite condition. Therefore lime serves as a valuable remedy for the restoration of the lost appetite.

Exercise: Exercise on a regular basis. It not only helps to improve the health and the immune system of the body but also provides with a valuable remedy to anorexia. Hence conduction of regular exercise is a must for the individuals suffering from appetite loss.

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