How to Improve Indigestion?

Indigestion is my problem since childhood, suggest me some treatment for curing it?

Treating indigestion is quite possible if you are really to willing to do so. It can be started by taking few precautions.

The best way is to avoid junk food and other food items that directly affect the digestion process of the body. Try to consume large amount of water. This would help in creating a smooth flow of internal systems.

A very well know treatment which is often suggested is the intake of the water in addition with small amount of the mint essence. Consume this for 4 times a day.

Tea made of herbs like mint and blackberry is also helpful in reducing indigestion. You can even intake ginger tea right after you finish your meal.

Add more and more citrus fruits to your daily. This would help you in fasting which is often suggested for improving indigestion. Along with fruits you can intake green vegetables and whole wheat bread as well.

Avoid the intake of rice to reduce indigestion. Various researches have proved that our body can’t digest rice easily.

Slight massage of hot water bottle over the abdomen is also an old method used for digestion. Apply this method twice a day for 20minutes and this will treat your problem effectively.

According to the advice of some experts, antacids are also helpful in reducing stomach related diseases.