How to Improve Overall Cardiac Health

Improving your overall cardiac health is not difficult if you have the right resources. A few changes in your diet, lifestyle and an exercise routine will ensure the health of your heart and will regulate your blood pressure. A diet that is healthy and nutritious devoid of fast foods is the biggest asset to your health.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and juices in order to keep you fit. You must reduce the amount of fats that you consume; this can be done by reducing the amount of red meat that you eat. Swap red meat with white meat and fish as they are healthier. You must also avoid eating the skin of white meats as they are high in fats.

Reduce the amount of oil you use in your food preparation by cooking in non stick pans and pots. Olive oil is the best oil to choose from as it has a low heating point as a result you end up using smaller amounts of the oil in your food. It also helps to regulate your blood pressure and keeps your cholesterol in check. Avoid dairy products that are full fat and opt for skim and toned versions of the products.

Keep a count of the amount of saturated fats that you consume daily; a food journal is a wise investment. You must eat whole grains as your main meal. Have a healthy breakfast so that you avoid snacking during the entire day and keep dinner light as most of the food that you eat at dinnertime does not digest. Try and do some form of exercise after you eat dinner so that you burn all the calories that you consume during this meal.

You must make sure that you exercise regularly. Jogging and walking are the best forms of exercise though it is equally important that you do some form of cardio workouts. Spend 30 minutes of your day exercising in some form or the other. Running on the thread mill or walking in the park has the same effect. You need not enroll in the gym if you are not keen on it; you can also benefit from exercising at home or walking to work instead of using any other form of commuting.