How to Improve Your Concentration Levels with Essential Oils

Most parents and elders complain about not being able to concentrate. It does not mean that the person is snot motivated. In some case the physical environment may be disturbing while in other cases the emotional balance of the person may not be in the right frame. There are fortunately a few essential oils that can be used to help boost concentration levels. Using these oils is an inexpensive way of helping to cure the issue and since there it is natural there is no fear of side effects.

The essential oils that will help to stimulate and boost your concentration levels are basil, spearmint, peppermint, ylang ylang, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. Most of these oils are edible and the cure lies in blending them in food preparations.

Using the oils in a diffuser may not be allowed in a public place like college or in your dorm so using them in an edible form is a great option. You can begin with chewing on basil leaves or a spearmint stick of gum. Avoid chewing while you are trying to concentrate on the task at hand as it will distract you. If you suffer from chronic concentration problems then you must chew a stick of peppermint or spearmint gum about half an hour before you need to start working.

Another way to use essential oil treatment in public is by dabbing the oils onto your pulse points with the help of a cotton ball. No police can stop you from using fragrances on your self.

Mix the oils with your moisturizing lotion or oil and massage it onto your entire body. You are sure to have higher levels of concentration and energy throughout the day.

Draw yourself a bath with warm water and pour the essential oils in them or better still, pour the oils into a bowl of boiling water and wrap a towel around your face and the bowl. Pace your face at a safe distance and breath the fumes for instant cure.