How to Incorporate Avocados in Your Beauty Regime

What are Avocados?

An avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable; it’s actually a part of the berry family. In Jamaica, it is called a pear, and originally referred to as ‘alligator pear’ because of its alligator-like skin. The center of the fruit is a seed, which looks like a peeled chestnut. Between this and the outer layer is the edible part of the fruit, which tastes buttery.

There are two known avocado varieties. The ‘Fuerte’ avocados are larger, smooth, thin-skinned, glossy green pear-shaped fruits. The ‘Hass’ avocados are smaller, rough-skinned, blackish-green comparatively smaller to medium pebbled-shaped fruits with a more buttery texture than the Fuerte.

Why should you use Avocados in your beauty regime?

Avocadoes have a higher amount of mono-saturates, being good fats. Clinical studies prove that avocado oil can reduce blood cholesterol. Avocados provide over 25 essential nutrients such as protein, potassium, vitamins E, C, B, folic acid, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. Avocados also provide calories for higher energy. Avocado also helps to make the skin look younger and hair shinier.

What are the different ways to incorporate avocados into the beauty regime?

The most popular way that avocados are consumed is Guacamole (Mexican avocado dip). The best way is to slice the avocado, sprinkle it with salt, pepper & olive oil. This can be added into salads or paired with a baguette. For an Avocado facial cleanser; add mashed half of a ripe avocado along with beaten egg-yolk and half cup of milk. Use a blender or fork to beat the mixture to a frothy thin cream. Apply this onto the face using squares of cotton, just like other cleansers. With gentle upward strokes, massage you face with the inside of the Avocado peel, which is a great facial moisturizer. Let the oil remain on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash your face with tepid water & pat dry.

You can also use avocados for amazing skin masques. For oily skin,
prepare a thick mix with egg-white, a teaspoon of lemon juice and mashed pulp of half avocado. Apply the masque evenly after washing your face & neck properly. After 20 minutes, remove with tepid water and face cloth, followed with clod astringent & skin tonic.