How To Increase Sleeping Naturally

Sleeping disorder is nothing new to the individuals all over the globe. The problem of insomnia has increased considerably in the recent past and the individuals are looking forward to increase sleep in a natural way.  In US alone, 32 million people are suffering from insomnia. Though a natural way of increasing sleeping can take a longer period of time, yet it is much more beneficial for the body as there are no side effects that the body can face with the intake of drugs. Sleeping can be increased naturally by a number of ways.

The intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, chocolate and sauerkraut should be avoided just before bedtime in order to stop the disruptive patterns of sleeping.

Figs: Figs make excellent sleeping supports and are known to encourage sleep. They include a matter called Tryptophan that helps in promoting sleep. It promotes the person from insomnia.

Banana: Bananas are known to promote sleeping and are good for persons who face difficulty with sleeping. Bananas are rich in amino acid tryptophan and are rich in melatonin, a chemical that is released by the body in order to help the body in sleeping better. Consumption of a banana just before bedtime encourages excellent sleeping.

Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds are extremely helpful for women who are suffering from insomnia caused due to menopause. These seeds aid sleeping. Sesame seeds contain a high level of tryptophan, a chemical that is responsible for sleeping peacefully. Sesame seeds do not contain any fat or protein and hence quite effective in promoting sleeping when it is used as natural sleeping aid.

Cherry juice: Drinking a glass of cherry juice just before an hour of bedtime helps in making you fall asleep faster as well as improves the feature of sleeping. Unsweetened cherry juice helps the body to unwind by reducing the serotonin (pleasure chemicals) in the body.

Yoghurt with mixed nuts: Just by combining a cup of plain yoghurt along with a tablespoon of mixed nuts not only helps to reduce the stress levels to a large extent but also promotes a good night’s sleep. This mixture should be consumed at least three to four hours before the night’s sleep else it might keep you awake at night.