How to Increase Stamina with Herbs

An increase in stamina will lead to increase in your energy levels and thus make you more productive during the day. In order to do so you must make sure that the minimum amount of water is lost in your body during and after exercise and during summer months. This can be achieved by drinking plenty of water during the day. You must snack two hours before you start your exercise routine and then you must eat a rich carbohydrate meal after the routine. You must also make sure that you do not gain or lose weight rapidly; all weight issues must be dealt with gradually.

You can also stimulate your stamina with your choice of herbs. We live in a caffeine obsessed world; though one must remember that caffeine does not help us in any way. It has negative effects on our health and raises cholesterol levels and irritates the stomach. The herbs that help to increase energy and stamina include guarana, ginseng and ginkgo.

Although gurana has traces of coffee in it; it is known to aid mental alertness and fight fatigue. The seeds of the plant are used as a cure for headaches, paralysis and urinary tract infections.

Ginseng is one of the most helpful and healing herbs that you can come across. This non caffeinated herb is a stimulant that has curative powers. The herb is used to reduce stress and fatigue, stimulate the senses and enhance memory. It is also known to be useful in improving performance. Ginseng tea is the most popular form of using the herb; however the herb is also used in several food preparations. Starting your day with a cup of the herb infused tea keeps your energy levels high through out the day. However, one must note that the effect varies from person to person. Since the herb is non toxic there are no chances of the herb causing any side effects.

Gingko is an herb that is common to the Chinese culture. They have used it in the cure of headaches, asthma and cough and it is now gaining popularity in the aid to increase stamina and boost energy levels. It increases blood circulation and helps the immune system to function better.

Ginger is another herb that is used in tea preparation and is known to stimulate the body by increasing circulation. This helps to increase energy and stamina naturally. The herb can be used in food preparations as it adds flavor while also stimulating the senses.

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