How to Increase your Height Naturally

I am a short person. In a crowd, I could easily get lost. The fun is that when I walk around with my daughter most people look at me as if I am her sister and wonder what am I doing with the child. I lost n on many career opportunities thanks to my height and I am aware that this is the plight of many women globally. Your height has a lot to do with genetics, and if that is the case that you are shorter than you would like to be then there is very little that you can do to help yourself.

There are several medications available to make you grow taller. Speak to your doctor before you try any of the medications as they need to be used only under prescription. Any medication rich in calcium, vitamin D and Vitamin A will help you.

Several exercises will help you in your cause. Try stretching exercises, aerobics and cardio workouts. Exercise with a physical trainer or fitness instructor. He will be able to advice you on the routine and the types of exercises that are best for your body.

You diet needs to be well balanced. Eat foods that promote healthy bone growth like calcium rich foods. It is very important that you eat dairy products and drink milk daily. Avoid caffeine and junk foods, especially foods that are rich in sugars as they do not promote growth and hamper your height. Eat a lot of foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins and calcium. Go to a professional dietician and intuitionalist to chalk out a diet plan for you to help you in your cause.

Sleep for atleast 7 hours at night. While you sleep, the growth hormone is at work and hence it is important that you rest well for long periods.

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