How to Increase your Metabolism to Stay Fit

While some people can eat pounds of fat and lard and yet not gain any weight, other can put on pounds even after starving themselves. The key here is how your metabolism works for you. If your metabolic rate is good then chances are that you will burn all the food that you eat and you are slow to gain pounds. Your metabolic rate is based on your age, gender, muscles versus fat and the level of activity in your daily routine.

There are a few things that you can do to increase your metabolism. This will help to reduce fats in your body, burn calories faster as well as keep you healthy by keeping heart related diseases at bay.

Since you cannot change the age or gender factor that determines your metabolism, you must attack your activity levels and increase it. Start with a brisk walk every morning for 30 minutes followed by an exercise routine for another 30 minutes. These activities will increase your cardio and help to increase your metabolism.

Start lifting weight. Begin with a few pounds and gradually increase it. This helps to tone your muscles and burn fats faster. You must life weight 3 times a week.

Start aerobics or kick boxing classes. These help you to get a complete body workout and help you to shed pounds quickly.

Start bicycling. If you live near the beach then try cycling there as you will have an even more intense workout. If you do not have the equipment at home and do not want to join a gym then you can try climbing the stairs in your apartment building or in your home. Run briskly up the stairs for 20 minutes at a tie. Do 3 sets of work outs on the stairs.

The idea to increasing your metabolism is to work out for an hour daily. The activity levels will increase your metabolism naturally.