How to Increase Your Supply of Breast Milk With Natural and Herbal Remedies

While some mothers are able to breast feed their infants for months to years there are others who struggle to offer their children any form of nourishment. Breast milk is very important to the child as it helps to build the child’s immunity. It not only increases the physical development it also improves the intellectual development of the child. Most women need to increase their supply of milk and there are several ways to do so naturally.

In order to increase your supply of milk offer the baby your breast as often as it demands for it. The more you supply the baby the more you will be able to produce. Although most doctors state that you need to time your feedings I strongly recommend that you do not follow this rule. Nurse the baby as it demands for milk and for as long as it continues to feed. Ensure that you alternate the breasts at each feed in order to give the child adequate nourishment and to increase the supply of milk.

Although your life may be characterized by chaos you must try and relax. Get a few minutes to yourself in order to find your sense of calm. Relaxing will work wonders for your body. This in turn will increase the supply of milk. When you are feeding the baby ensure that the room is calm and free of stress. When you are lactating you must keep away from work and unnecessary chores.

Massage your breasts and use a hot water bottle in order to soothe any soreness or pain in the region. Massing the area is also a good way to increase the production of milk. In addition to a regular massage you must drink plenty of fluids. Water is the best way to hydrate your body; however you may have a few glasses of fresh fruit or vegetable juices in the day in order to increase the nutrients and minerals in your body.

In order to increase lactation you must drink a glass of milk with honey and fenugreek seeds. This enhances the quality of your milk production as well as the supply. A glass of milk in this form daily will be beneficial to you and your baby.