How to Increase your Water Intake

Although you are ware of the benefits of water, most often we do not drink enough water until our bodies are completely dehydrated. The simple way to calculate the amount of water you nee to drink is simple. A male needs 3 liters of water while a female needs 2 liters of water daily. However the amount of water that you need varies upon the climate in the country that you live in, your lifestyle, the amount and kind of physical labor you are into and the amount of exercise you get daily.

Drink plenty of water between meals. Sometimes when our brain tells us that your body needs nutrition it is not necessarily asking for food but may ask for water. Do not drink the water with your meals as you will end up with gastric problems as your foods will not digest but drink a couple of glasses of water between two consecutive meals.

Replace your indulgent drinks with water. If you are in a habit of having colas, sodas, tea or coffee then replace these drinks with water. It helps to keep your hydration levels high and increase the amount of water you drink by almost 35 %.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in their water content. Watermelons, cucumber and mangoes have high water content and hence a few servings of them daily ups your hydration levels. This helps to increase your water levels without actually having to drink water; it is a fun way to up your water intake.

Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. This helps you to have access to water and not running to the supermarket or store to grab a bottle of soda. Doing this will automatically decrease your sugar content and your coffee intake as well. Drinking water thus directly influences the amount of calories you consume daily.

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