How to keep healthy lungs and respiratory system

Breathing is life. We live because we breathe. Whether we are wide awake or fast asleep, no matter what, breathing goes on constantly. Lungs and other respiratory system are the main organs of breathing. The respiratory system is the group of organs and tissues that help us to breathe. Other than lungs, our respiratory system consists of the nose, throat, voice box, wind pipe, the blood vessels linked to it and the muscles that enable us in our breathing.

Smoking: Smoking is the single, major cause of respiratory diseases and problems. Lung cancer, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases), chronic bronchitis are some of the chronic diseases caused as a result of smoking.

Smoke of cigarettes, cigars and pipes have around 4000 injurious chemicals – out of which 50 are responsible for cancer. Other than nicotine, a potent drug affecting the heart and blood vessels, tobacco contains carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that reduces the ability of the red blood corpuscles to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body.

Second-hand smoking: Around two-third of the smoke is not inhaled by the smoker but spreads in the air around the smoker. This air, the second hand smoke, when inhaled can cause a number of vital diseases and even deaths. It is a complex mixture of burning chemicals from the tobaccos.

One must not allow smoking at home and at the workplace and should always hold up businesses and activities that are smoking free. Care should be taken that the children are not exposed to the second hand smoke at daycare or at the relatives or friend’s house.

Washing hands: Hands are the single organ of the body that is the cause of around 80% of respiratory diseases like cold and flu. Hands must be washed properly with antibacterial soap before eating. After coming home from outside or after taking care of the pets, hands need to be properly cleaned before resorting to any other work.

Air pollution: Air pollution also plays a major role in disturbing the healthy working of lungs and respiratory system. People who are engaged in certain types of jobs like construction and mining are more exposed to air pollution and therefore, are prone to chronic diseases like asthma, lung cancer, COPD, etc.

Doors and windows must be kept open when cleaning or painting the house so as to get enough clean and fresh air inside the home. One must always support the law that aims at improving the quality of air.