How To Keep Liver Healthy

Liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It performs many vital body functions. It helps in detoxifying our body. It metabolizes drugs, alcohol and proteins. It metabolizes carbohydrates and stores energy in form of glycogen. Therefore, liver provides energy for various body functions. It is found on the right side of the upper abdomen.

As other body organs need special care, liver also needs special care for it proper functioning. If liver will fail to function properly, the body will become affected by many diseases. Harmful wastes will remain concentrated in the body that can greatly harm the body.  Liver helps in purifying the blood by removing all the harmful waste from the body.

Liver produces bile which helps in digestion of the food. It produces many important proteins needed in the formation of healthy red blood cells. Serious damage to liver can occur due to unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking excessive alcohol and taking non-prescribed medicines are some of the serious causes for liver injuries. Poor diet without fibers obstructs the metabolism process of liver. An unhealthy liver can cause problems like sexual imbalances, infertility, diabetes, emotional imbalance, and mood fluctuations.

If you want your liver to be healthy then it’s very important to take its proper care. Include a balanced diet rich in fibers and restrict your alcohol consumption to minimum level. Drink sufficient water throughout the day. Water helps liver in metabolizing the harmful substances quickly. Make habit to do exercise daily. Exercise increases the body circulation and helps the liver to perform its functions easily. If possible, go for regular health check-ups which should include liver tests also.

Always keep into consideration the effects of medication you are taking. The drugs should always be prescribed by a doctor. You should avoid self-medication. It puts unnecessary burden over liver. Liver has to work excessively to remove these drugs from the body.  So, overdose of medicines should be avoided.

Always inform your doctor about all drugs, herbs and alternate therapies used by you. Get vaccinated for liver diseases like hepatitis A and B. If you will take proper care of your liver, it will help you in maintaining a healthy body.