How To Keep Onself Physically Fit

How To Keep Onself Physically Fit

Today the mechanical and sitting culture of life has created a lot of health related challenges. The most important thing, for the men today, is physical fitness. Everybody should take care of certain things to be physically fit. A person should drink more water.

Human body is made up of 70 percent fluid. Water helps in regulating metabolic processes of the body properly. In the state of dehydration all the basic metabolic functions of the body lowers down and the person feels tired and might have headache. A person should have a habit of reading labels before eating food stuff, to know the amount of calorie intake everyday.


Amount of daily protein intake should be 0.8 g per kilogram of the body weight. Protein helps in excitation of chemical in the brain called dopamine that keeps a person alert. Carbohydrates like sugar and white flour should be avoided. Complex carbohydrates should be preferred as simple carbohydrates bring negative effect on the skin as it ages. Exercise not only brings calories but also increases metabolism. Daily 20 minutes aerobics can brings a big difference. Stairs should be used rather than lift. Too much of the exercise is also not good. A workout should never be more than 45 minutes.

proper sleep

A proper sleep of at least eight hours is also necessary to be physically fit. Less sleep can bring slower metabolism. Proper sleep helps in cell growth and repair that increases metabolism and burn up calories. A person should have lifts which involves a number of muscles at a time rather than concentrating on a particular body part. Lifts such as rows, pull-ups and squats should be done as they involve lots of muscles.

Smoking should be avoided to be physically fit as it affects metabolism also. Stretching is also a good way to be physically fit. Five-six small meals are good for health. Try to eat different type of fruits and different vegetables. Relaxation for 20 minutes daily is good for reducing stress and blood pressure. Breathing slowly and deeply into abdomen will be helpful in relaxing. Excess stress should be avoided.

quit smoking