How To Keep Teeth Free From Diseases

Teeth are the integral part of our look. Good looking teeth make our face more beautiful and smile more livable. However, maintaining healthy and beautiful teeth is not an easy task and needs a lot of effort and care. Brushing teeth after every meal is a good practice for keeping teeth free from any type of disease.

In our day to day life, we experience toothache without a prior warning and therefore a basic knowledge of causes and treatment of toothache is necessary to avoid pain and diseases. A proper care of the teeth is necessary otherwise it can lead a number of diseases of teeth and gums. Tooth decay leads to severe toothache which in many cases is really very intolerable. Lack of calcium in the body is a major reason for the diseases of teeth and gums.

The basic reason for the problems related to teeth is our eating habits. Consumption of fast foods, soft drinks, candies and sugar containing edibles leads to the problems in teeth. When someone eats sugar or sugar containing things, the bacteria present in the mouth breakdown the sugar in the mouth and this leads to the decay of teeth. Chewing of tobacco and smoking also leads to the problem of toothache.

Excessive intake of snacks and sugar containing things is harmful for teeth. Hence avoiding these edibles is advisable. Avoid eating unhealthy and fatty food. Brushing your teeth after every meal and chewing gums keeps teeth white and healthy.

Proper cleaning of teeth is always necessary for avoiding tooth decay. A gentle stimulation over the gums is also helpful in keeping them healthy and free from diseases. Minimize consumption of sugar and other sugar containing stuffs. If you are suffering from the problem of cavity and bad breath, you can use a mixture of pepper powder and salt. A regular use this mixture keeps teeth and gums free from diseases.

If you experience tooth ache, keep a past of garlic and salt in the affected tooth and this will give relief from the sever pain due to tooth decay. Consumption of fruits containing vitamin C is also helpful in avoiding the diseases of teeth and gums.