How to Keep Your Brain Active Always

We all were born with a good brain. But with age we find that our brains do not work to the full capacity. Yes, you are right. It is necessary to we do everything to keep our brain active always and in good condition. Here are a few ways by which we can keep our brains active and charged always.

Some people are the opinion that one should stop being inquisitive and not ask questions once one grows up. However it is far from the contrary. To keep our brain well maintained and sharp it is good to ask questions and find out about different things. Questioning and finding solutions to many things helps us to keep our brain happy and active always. It also helps one to find solutions to many things in life.

Humor is very good for health and one can lead a good productive life by learning to laugh more often. When one laughs, endorphins and other chemicals promoting positive emotions are released. Laughter not only helps to make one feel good and helps to break the old patterns but also helps to make one feel good and more productive faster. Yes, laughter is the quick charge to ones brain and helps to keep it active and motivated always.

Next it is always good to recollect old memories. Old memories make us recollect the good times we had in the past. Taking out old albums and browsing through the photos makes ones brain work harder. When our brain is active always it helps us to tackle everyday tasks and challenges of life better.

Doing puzzles like Sudoku, crossword, cross sums and other word puzzles help one to have fun. However puzzles also help to activate the brain, carry on effective maintenance and keep it in good working condition. Exercising and keeping the brain active by doing puzzles helps to make it work more efficiently.

Besides as one grows older it is best to remember that it is good to play. One should make time to play indoor games like cards, board games and outdoor games like badminton, tug of war and the like. These games help to keep the brain active, improve one spirits and helps the brain to work strategically.

It is always good to learn something new to activate the brain. One should also make an effort to learn something new always in ones field of work or during leisure. Something as small as learning a new word daily can also keep ones brain active.

It is always go0d to write something about what you know to be read. Writing blogs and articles in ones church newsletter, or for people of a specific interest makes one to expand ones brain capacity by keeping it active. The brain is highly stimulated when one writes to be read.

Exercise is not only good for not only physical health but also to keep ones brain active. When one exercises ones body pumps oxygen not only to the other parts of the body but to the brain also. This activates the brain and it is able to think out fresh ideas.

To conclude one can surely keep ones brain active by trying to work the brain in various ways always.