How to Keep Your Brain Active while Losing Weight

The reasons for one losing weight may be different for different people, but most of us would like to remain mentally strong with the brain being active. One wants to be physically and mentally active and attractive too.

When it comes to losing weight one may want to use different methods to cut down on the calories one is consuming. Some may cut down on their carbohydrate intake, while some others may include more of fruits and vegetables in ones diet while still others may believe that cutting on the fats, sugar and salt intake could help one to lose weight. Some others may do exercise to help one burn calories and weight, while others follow a system where one takes a lot of water to reduce on the food taken.

It is good for people wanting to lose weight to go on a low carbohydrate diet with low calories. However it would not help to go on a no-carbohydrate diet as ones brain becomes less active and ones visualspatial memory goes down considerably. Tests have revealed that when one switched on to a low carbohydrate or normal carbohydrate diet; the brain regained its normal power and became active again.

Besides, fresh fruits and vegetables help one to be physically and mentally active. When eats fruits and vegetables one supplies the body with essential minerals and vitamins giving one a feeling of well-being and helps to keep ones brain active too.

Besides light aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling and swimming may help one lose weight. These exercises along with meditation may help one to not only lose weight, but to remain calm and relaxed. Meditation and deep-breathing exercises have also helped to make the brain more active.

In addition to exercises to lose weight and look after the physical side of the body, building a habit to do mental exercises like doing crosswords, Sudoku puzzles along with a weight loss program helps to keep the brain active always.  It has also been found that losing weight by restricted calories helped even Senior citizens to have better verbal memory scores. Hence reducing weight helps the body to utilize the glucose better and promotes an active brain.

Drinking sufficient water in the day helps one to feel full before a meal and helps one to eat less. However one should never forget to take enough carbohydrates in each meal. In addition water helps to replenish the water lost by sweat  after exercising and helps one to improve his/her concentration power and reactions thereby keeping the brain active.

To conclude being cautious about your carbohydrates along with other aspects helps to not only make the brain active but to also lose weight effectively.