How To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Your nails reveal a lot about your lifestyle and your diet. What you eat and drink and how much rest you get show on your nails. In order to keep your nails well groomed and healthy you need not try out expensive nails treatments like manicures and pedicures. A few minutes of care at home clubbed with a healthy diet will help you to have beautiful and healthy nails.

You must remember to keep your nails short. Long nails invite dirt ad germs to collect in the area between your nails and skin. This is an invitation for illnesses. Short nails are also less prone to chipping and breaking. If your nail does chip or break then you must clip it off immediately in order to prevent further damage to the nails.

On a daily basis you must soak your nails in warm water and use a fine brush to scrub them. This ensures that any dirt that gets collected is removed. Soaking your feet in warm water has many benefits as it increases your blood circulation and also gets rid of any swelling. After you soak your nails and clean them you must use an orange stick to push back the cuticles and cut of any extra dead cells on the area surrounding your nails. Never bite your nails and if you are in a habit of doing it then rub any bitter substance on your fingernails to prevent you from biting your nails.

When you are using a nail buffer on your nails; you are taking out the top layers of your nails when you polish the surface. Thus you need to avoid using a buffer too often as it can damage the nail bed. Using a nail file is important to get rid of the rough edges of the nails. When filing your nails you must do so in a single direction in order to avoid friction on the nails.

If your nails are showing signs of discoloration of spots on them it is because of the lack of certain nutrients in your body. In most cases a calcium deficiency is the main culprit and you may need to take a few calcium supplements along with increasing the amount of calcium in your diet.