How to Kill your Sugar Cravings in order to be Healthy

Any cravings or addictions are dangerous. If you have an addiction to sugar it is as dangerous as a nicotine addiction. Quitting a habit is difficult however if you have the will power to do so and you set your mind at it you will be able to overcome your addictions and cravings. A sugar addiction is normally linked to a particular time of the day, a certain emotion and patterns in your life. Depression, anger and anxiety normally have you grab a candy bar or a piece of chocolate cake.

You need to analyze the factors that cause the carvings. Motivate yourself not to eat any sweets during the day and remember to take tiny steps to prevent eating any sugar. Instead of eating a candy bar after your meals drink a cup of coffee instead. Swap your sweet consumption with proteins as they will make you feel full and prevent a craving.

Instead of eating a sugary delight as a snack bite into a fruit. Save your after meal fruit dessert for snack time. Carry a fruit cocktail with you to work every day. Eating this dessert is time consuming and by the time you get to it you will have an amalgamation of the fruit juices that will help satisfy your cravings for sugar.

When the sugar levels in your body decrease the body begins to crave sweets and sugar. For this reason you need to start your day with a healthy protein and fiber rich breakfast. Don’t start the day with only a piece of fruit or a cup of coffee, have a healthy well balanced breakfast.

Watch out for triggers. If you notice that a certain experience or emotion triggers the cravings for sugar then you must focus on dealing with the emotions in order to prevent the cravings. If you are able to deal with the triggers you will be able to get rid of your cravings naturally. Stress is most often the most common reason for the issue. For this reason you must look at different ways to deal with stress and prevent cravings as well as other side effects of stress. Meditation will help you to lower your stress levels naturally and this will help you to control your general health issues too.

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