How to Laugh Your Stress Away

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Laugh and grow fat’ but does it hold any true meaning? Laughter therapy started gaining popularity in the late 1980’s are a treatment for patients suffering from depression and stress. Research has proved that the therapy is useful in improving the immune system, increasing one’s threshold for pain and reducing food cravings. In the attempt to reduce stress; this form of therapy is extremely effective.

When you are stressed out laughing will help to reduce the production of the stress hormone and increase the strength of the immune system. In this way you automatically have a positive change in your mood. When you are stressed out and you feel like laughing so hard till you cry you need to give in to your feelings. This will help you to have a physical and emotional release. Indulging will help to lower your stress levels.

When you are stressed out the muscles in your body become stiff. In order to relax your muscles you need to laugh. This will help to give your stomach an internal workout and relaxes the muscles in your entire body. It will leave you feeling relaxed and give your entire body a good workout.

When you laugh you are distracted. It helps to take your attention away from the distressing factors and puts your mind at ease. All negative emotions are pushed away and it leaves you more relaxed.

Laughing heartily can bring a tear to your eye. That is a good sign. Laughter is contagious and it adds a spark to an interaction. It is difficult to cry in a room where people that are laughing their guts out.

How to indulge in laughter therapy

There are several laughter therapy groups in every neighborhood. Look out for one and join in the merriment. If you do not want to share your joy socially, you can simply start the laugh riot in your own living room. A movie or a sitcom can tickle your funny bone and help to ease your stress. Think of things that you did as a child or watch the actions of a child at home or around you. They are bound to do something that is out of the ordinary. As frustrating as you think your life is; there will be some memory that you could look back on and laugh at. Laughing at yourself is the best therapy as it helps you to understand and come to terms with your own flaws.