How to Let Go of Anger and Be Happy and Healthy

Most of all find it very difficult to forgive someone and let go of anger and resentment for a very long time. We generally feel we have been wronged and feel we should hold a grudge against the person. But grudge only gives us misery and health ailments like a sense of low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and depression. However we can let go of anger and lead a happy and healthy life.

To let go of anger and lead a happy and healthy life first requires us to understand what forgiveness actually is. Forgiving a person does not mean your offender did not do a mistake. It doesn’t also mean you were not wronged. Forgiveness is a more mature way of thinking that you were wronged but it is better to let go of your anger and move on. Holding on to the anger only makes us feel depressed and also affects our health. Letting go of anger and forgiving is an act of self-respect and self-care and requires great commitment and courage to do so.

You should feel sorry for what has gone wrong. It may not be easy for anyone to get over anger immediately and it may figure up from time to time. It is better not to be hard on oneself and give one time to cool down. As time goes on one will find it easier to let go off the anger. You would then surely feel happy and healthy. Also your anger will slowly not figure out in your thoughts.

Next it is not always necessary to wait to let go off your anger by waiting for an apology from a person. There are circumstances when the person who has wronged you may not be even aware he has done so. So it is best to let go of anger and be healthy and happy by not waiting for the person to apologize to you.

Next it would help if you try to figure out why the person who offended you did so. It could be that the person could have had an abusive childhood or some deep inner wound that made him to do so. It has been found that those who are criminals have such incidents that have occurred in their life. It is better to empathize with them and get over our anger and lead a happy and healthy life.

The last and most important thing that would really help us to let go of our anger and lead a happy and healthy life is to just write down all about the incidents that created anger and resentment in us and all that we have learnt. We would at times find things we have learnt that have made us a more mature person.

To conclude it is always better to let go of anger and emerge as a more mature and compassionate person towards others and us. Yes and you are also bound to be more healthy and happy.