How to Look and Feel Younger Instantly

We all want to look like we haven’t aged a day after our sixteenth birthday, but reality gives us a basket full of issues to deal with on a daily basis and most of them affect over hair, skin and health. In order to feel young there are a few things that you need to follow on a regular basis. You also need to avoid using too many products that are laced with chemicals and fragrances.

The basic thing that you need to do is to get adequate rest. When you sleep at night your body gets time to recharge and rejuvenate. At this time your skin cells are also renewing themselves. A few minutes of extra sleep every day would work wonders for your skin and you will notice the bags and dark circles under your eyes fading away almost like magic. Do this and you will notice that your face will begin to look younger and more radiant.

Besides your face; you need to take care of your hands. These give away your age. Use a good moisturizer on your hand at night and in the day use a protective sun screen lotion in order to protect them from sun damage. Get regular manicures to keep your hand healthy. If you use nail color then ensure that you do not move out of the house with chipped polish. It is unacceptable and it makes your hands look unappealing. Use light jewelry to grab attention towards your hands.

If you are trying to look younger than you need to keep your hair long. Short hair cuts are for those who are mature or trying to play the part; however if you are trying to shed years then you must keep your hair long. Make sure that you get regular hair cuts to maintain the texture of your hair.

Smile as often as you can, this not only makes you look younger but also makes you feel younger. Once you start smiling you automatically appear younger than you are. Maintain your oral hygiene and invest in a few teeth whitening products to help you to prefect your smile.