How to Look Younger for Longer

We all want to look young; and in our attempt to do so we have come up with several surgeries and procedures to help us. The cosmetic industry overflows with creams and lotions that promise the fountain of youth; but rarely do they live up to their promise. A holistic approach to this issue will help to ease you of your discomfort of aging. Remember; beauty is not just skin deep and what your face reveals; the way you behave and portray yourself says a lot about your age too.

Remember to always maintain a good posture. If you find yourself slouching and walking with a posture that resembles a question mark; then there are chances that you will look older than you are. Straighten your back and put your shoulders out and walk tall. Always look up when you walk.

Exercise regularly. This helps to keep you fit and prevent muscles and joints pains. One must note that exercise not only helps you physically but has a mental impact too. The mere fact that you motivate yourself to exercise daily is a reward. Simple ways to exercise if you do not have the time to go to the gym include; walking to work, taking the stairs at the office and the mall; avoiding elevators and escalators, walking home from the grocery store where you use your bags as weight that you are lifting. In this way while you complete your daily chores you also ensure that you stay fit and maintain your youthfulness.

Stress has a huge toll on your health and the way you age. It can add upto 20 years. We all live stressful lives; we just need to find ways to de-stress in order to live healthier and happier. Laugh your stress away or speak with friends to help you out. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to live with the stress. Take up a hobby like sewing or knitting to help you to relax.