How To Loose Weight And Lower Cholesterol With Oats

Starting your day with a bowl of oatmeal porridge can do wonders for your health. Yes, we have heard and read this statement a million times; but what is it about this grain that is so healthy? Well, adding oatmeal to your diet will help to lower cholesterol levels drastically as well as helps you to loose weight. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and other heart related diseases.

Oatmeal and cholesterol

Oats are fiber rich grains. When you eat the grain they pass through the body and attract the excess fats in the body. It then eliminates itself from the body along with the excess fats. In this way it helps to reduces cholesterol. It also helps to control diabetes.

Oatmeal helps to control weight

Since oats are fiber rich foods they help to keep the stomach satisfied for long periods of time. It gives the stomach a sensation of being full and thus prevents the urge to snack on unhealthy foods. In this way you prevent binging on snacks that are rich in oil and fats. Oats also provide the body with essential nutrients like iron, vitamin E, folic acid and zinc.

How to eat oats

Oats are most commonly consumed in the form of porridge; however you can use them in other ways and increase the nutritional value of your meals. Grind it to form a powder and then sprinkle in on your smoothies and milkshakes. You could also sprinkle it on top of cookies and soups. You could also use oats as a thickening agent on stews and curries. Roast oats and use it instead of breadcrumbs on patties and burgers; this will not only give the food a special flavor it will also increase the nutritional value of the food. You could also use it on fresh fruits and desserts to give it a crunchy taste.

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