How to Loose Weight In a Week

Crash diets are a complete failure. They help you to loose weight for a few days however you eventually end up gaining all the weight once again and in some cases you gain a few extra pounds once you are off the diet. The key to loosing weight is to disciplining yourself and make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle so that you loose the excess weight that you have gained.

The first thing that you need to do in order to loose weight quickly is to stop drinking soda. A can of soda adds 150 empty calories to your body. This leads to weight gain and acidity. In order to prevent this you need to ditch the can of soda and drink a bottle of water instead. Water is the best form of hydration and it improves your health drastically. When you drink water you enable your body to eliminate toxins and thereby cleanse your system internally.

When your body craves sugar avoid eating candy or foods made out of refined sugar. Instead eat a fruit or a cup of dry fruits. Candies, cookies and pastries are foods that you can indulge in once in awhile but avoid snacking on them. Fruits are rich in natural sugar so they satisfy your sugar cravings as well as satiate hunger pangs.

Ditch processed foods at snack time and eat fruits instead. Apples, pears and melons make great snacks. You could also snack on carrots or celery as they are high in nutrition and give you an energy boost.

Research has proved that taking multi vitamins daily reduces ones cravings for food and also prevents weight gain. Speak with your doctor about taking supplements in order to promote your health.

Start the day with a fiber rich breakfast in order to prevent feeling hungry until lunch time. If you are looking at loosing weight within a week then you must increase your activity levels as well.

Simple changes in your daily activities will increase your activity levels. Avoid driving to work for a week and walk instead. Ditch the escalators and elevators and use the stairs instead. Yoga is also beneficial to weight gain. You must practice yoga for 45 minutes daily in order to lose weight in a short span of time.

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