How to Loose Weight without Relying On Exercise or Medication

My new year’s resolution every year is to start an exercise routine in order to keep fit. It never materializes, and there is no reason for me not exercising.

Though most individuals would like to exercise to stay fit or to loose weight they are unsuccessful. Most gym memberships are a mere deduction from your bank account without being put to use at all. If you are trying to fight the bulge and are loosing due to lack of exercise you need not frown. There are a few tips for you to be able to loose weight and tone your body without having to exercise at all. 

In most cases people who exercise are prone to eating high calorie meals due to the exhaustion of the workout. This leads to binging on more calories than your body has burnt or is able to burn as a result you may not end up loosing any weight at all and this leads to you getting frustrated. In order to loose weight without exercising you need to change your diets and meal patterns. All meals need to be low calorie and fat free. Start the day with fruits or fiber or protein rich foods. Keep the protein content high during the entire day and avoid sugary delights like beverages, sodas, fried foods, sweets and chocolates.

When you are tired and in need of a snack eat smart meals. Do not snack on chips and milkshakes, instead eat complex carbohydrates or fiber rich foods. Bananas, raisins and potatoes are great snacks; if you are processing them though make sure that they do not contain too many unhealthy fats.

Beyond eating a healthy diet you must also keep in mind that if you are unable to exercise then the least you can do is keep fit is to be active. Exercise by walking to the market or the mall. You must also try and walk to work; this helps to cut travel costs as well as gives your body the kind of exercise that it needs.

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