How to lose weight during vacation time

Holidays are times to put up your feet and relax. It is the time to put all the stress and strains of office behind you and chill out with friends and family. It is the time to get away for a while from the strict daily regimen. However, it’s the time your defenses are down and you are inadvertently going to become careless about your fitness schedule. It is also the time when you put on those extra kilos subconsciously. What are a few days of extra fat, you might ask. A lot I would say from experience.

What you should not do while on a holiday to keep you fit and away from those extra kilos would be to avoid any kind of oily food when you travel. There is the tendency to keep munching on something or the other when you travel. So, just pack some healthy stuff like fruits that need no special cooking, no oil, are easy to carry and even easy to eat. Drink lots of water instead of the soft drinks. If you are going out for dinner then, have a small snack a few hours before dinner. This way, your stomach will be partially full and you will not want to greedily gorge on all those calorie prone dishes at the dinner table. Bottled water is also the safest bet. But, drinks are staple when men get together so, if that is the case, then, try hard to stick to diet soda or some light beer. This way, you are in control of your ‘spirits’ as well as your calories.

Just because you are going out on a vacation, it does not mean that you need to discard your workout. Always carry your shorts, slacks, T. Shirt and gym shoes. So, even if there is no gym nearby you can always go for a walk or a jog. And, if you are holidaying near a lake, sea or hills you can go swimming or cycling. Playing Frisbee is also a fun way of losing those extra calories.

More than anything else try not using escalators. This way, you can lose unexpected weight by climbing up and down the stairs. A vacation is a time to have fun but not at the cost of your health and definitely not to gain holiday flab!