How to Lose Weight When You are Pregnant

No, I am not out of my mind. I am actually going to give you tips on how to lose weight during your pregnancy. You may wonder why. Well, though it is unheard of; there are a few who are advised to shed a few pounds when they get pregnant. This is basically because they are over weight to begin with and this can have negative effects on the child and can cause complications during delivery. You must try and lose weight only if you have been advised by your doctor, doing so for any other reasons will jeopardize your baby and your own health.

You need not go too far to lose weight; a few minor adjustments in your diet along with a few minutes of exercise daily will help you to attain your goal. It is very important that you attempt to lose weight only during your first trimester; after that you need all the weight that you have and you could add a few pounds to show off your baby bump with pride.

Your daily calorie intake must be close to 1800. That’s an additional 300 calories a day. How will adding more calories helps your case you wonder… well, it’s simple. You eat the calories to give you energy and then you exercise to burn any excess fats in your body. It is important though to eat a healthy diet before you start any sort of exercise regime. You need to eat plenty of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals daily. Most of the eating must be done in the first half of the day. All meals after lunch must be smaller and lighter in order to prevent indigestion.

Exercise at night after dinner. A short walk with your partner will help you to relax as well as digest your food and burn off the extra fat. It is a great way to end the day and bond with your loved one. The air at night is devoid of pollution and hence this is the safest time to exercise. It is a great way to unwind and also helps you to sleep better at night.