How to Lower Triglycerides in your Food

Triglycerides are harmful to the body and increase the chances of heart disease. Like high cholesterol which causes heart attacks high triglycerides have the same effect on the body. Apart from causing heart related diseases it also increases the risk of pancreatitis. Overall triglycerides are harmful to your health as well as your heart.

Improving your eating habits and following a strict diet would help take care of your triglycerides and help avoid heart diseases. Foods should be low in fat and sugar and you should try looking for foods from all the food groups and including them in your diet.

In order to keep triglycerides in check your diet should include beans, grains, vegetables and fruit. These are low in fat content. Also low fat dairy products should be had instead of normal dairy products. Low fat yogurt should be made a part of every meal. Avoid too much of sugar in your diet and avoid aerated drinks. Also take care to avoid having candies, chocolates and jellies apart from baked products.

Breads such as brown bread or whole wheat bread should be had instead of white bread. Other whole grains such as rice and products such as pasta should also be included in your diet and should be had at least five to six times a day. If you drink a lot of alcohol cut back on your alcohol intake as even minute amounts can increase your triglycerides. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids should be had as they help stabilize triglycerides. Fish such as salmon should be made a part of your diet. If you suffer from non-insulin dependent diabetes then try taking chromium supplements which would also help keep your triglycerides in check. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements along with your current medication.

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