How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Whether your hair is long or short, if it is healthy then everything works. Healthy hair is properly manageable and thus suits varied styling. Hair is one of the most important assets of our body and we must find ways to nurture it with care. It is quite natural that hair loses its luster with ageing.

Hormonal ups and downs, pollution and regular usage of harsh chemicals (shampoos and conditioners) keep on damaging our hair, leaving them rough and thinner. Here are few natural remedies that can help you to retain healthy hair, control dandruff and graying.

Select Proper Products
There are numerous brands available in the market and each of these brands claims to be effective. You have to be careful while choosing your brand of shampoo, conditioner or hair oil. Go for genuine herbal products that can control dry and damaged hair.

Retain Natural Moisture
Too much shampooing damages hair as the natural moisture gets lost. Washing hair every two or three days is very important. Then what is the solution? Keep your scalp clean but also massage with good hair oil so that your hair remains healthy.

Trim Split-ends
Trimming split-ends is the only solution to get rid of them. Split-ends cause damage to the hair and no products can actually repair that. Its only treatment is trimming. If not trimmed, it will continue to cause damage to the hair.

Styling Devices
If washing your hair is not possible regularly, then use styling devices like hot rollers or flat iron. Let your hair dry by using blow driers, hot rollers, etc. Also, watch out that you are not getting harsh with your hair.

Clean Scalp
If the scalp is clean and healthy, then only you can expect proper dandruff control. Always comb your hair before washing it off with shampoo. Gently stroke on dry hair as it helps scalp to get stimulated and retain blood circulation. Deep conditioning is also very important. Try to condition your hair every fortnight. These factors control dandruff and keeps hair healthy.