How to Maintain Hygiene During your Menstrual Cycle

Women spend most of their adult life taking care of maintaining their hygiene levels; this is especially true for the time during their periods. It is the time when she is more prone to contracting urinary infections and hence precautions are important.

The first step is to keeping a safe stash of sanitary pads or tampons at the most frequently visited places. It is obvious that you would have some in your bathroom at home, but it is also important that you keep a few at the office in your drawer and have some in your handbag in case of emergencies. This helps to prevent getting embarrassed when you are caught off guard. You must wear a pad that suits you and fits your body well. Use a pad that offers more protection during the night.

During your periods you must bathe twice a day. This helps you to wash the vaginal area well and prevent infection. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean the area. When you bathe, the flow will stop and hence you can wash it with ease. Using hot water will increase the flow later on so warm water is the best option.

Changing your pad every 3 to 4 hours prevents the risk of odor and over flow. You also avoid the possibility of staining your clothes and getting embarrassed.

Never use fragrances in the form of deodorants or talcum powder directly on the vagina and the surrounding area. They are known to cause cancer. You must not use them on your undergarments either. Instead wash the area frequently and change your pad Everytime you wash the area.

Trim your pubic hair a week before the onset of your periods in order to avoid the residue clinging onto the hair. This can cause serious infections.