How to Maintain Your Curly Locks

Curly locks look adorable but maintaining them is a great task. Those with curly hair are more prone to hair loss and I know a lot of people with curly hair that do not comb their hair at all for fear of loss of hair. If you have naturally curly hair then you are at lower risk of hair loss then when you have had a perm. This type of hair is very difficult to maintain and you must do your take time out to care for your hair in order for it to be healthy. You need not invest in expensive treatments to take care of your hair. Simply taking a few minutes out of your day to care for your hair will be a great investment.

The next thing that I tell you will make you think that I am totally mad; but there is a reason why I will state it any way. If you have curly hair then you must stop washing you hair with shampoo. It will cause your hair to get dry and you will end up with frizzy hair that is brittle. Curly hair is extremely different from straight hair and it is needs a different hair care regime. Do not trust any one who offers you home made shampoos that will help your hair. You must swear off shampoos completely. The only product that you will use on your hair is conditioner. This will make your hair soft, silky and manageable. You can use your fingertips to wash through the strands of your hair.

When you use conditioner on your hair you must stay away from the scalp. Wet your hair and apply the conditioner to the tips of your hair, run your fingers through the length of the hair to get rid of the dirt in the hair and loosen the dirt from the scalp. Wash off the product from your hair with warm water and give it a final rinse with cold water. Never use hot water on your hair as it will strip the moisture from your hair and your hair will begin to look fizzy.

Do not use a hair dryer on your hair, neither is it advisable to tie your hair in the towel to dry it. Let your hair air dry so that the curls remain in place.