How To Make Apple Bubble Bath


In these modern times, we often forget to savor the bathing experience. Little do we know that the market is flooded with products, which make bathing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Products like bubble baths, shower gels, bathing bombs are making quite a stir in the markets.

Why not dump that boring soap and lay your hands on something much relaxing and refreshing like a bubble bath? Bubble baths are fun to use and easy to make. Read on to find a refreshing recipe of an apple bubble bath.

Apple is widely known for its refreshing properties. It also is a great anti-oxidant which makes it a great relaxant. Needless to say, a bubble bath consummated with the beauty benefits of apples, is quite a lucrative option for anyone. The best part of this bubble bath is that it can be made in minutes and you can involve your better half or your kids in the creative process. So, gear up for this fun fruity experience.

Things Needed To Make Apple Bubble Bath

Pure distilled/boiled water
Measuring cups/spoons
Green apple essential oil
Green coloring agent
Liquid unscented soap

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Process Of Making Apple Bubble Bath

Take four equal cups of distilled water in a large bowl. Make sure you take four large cups of water. To this, add a one large cup of unscented liquid soap. This liquid soap forms the base of the bubble bath and is responsible for all the fun foamy experience. To double up its benefits, opt for a glycerin based liquid soap. Not only will it make the bubble bath soapy, it will also make it moisturizing. But, again if availability is an issue, stick to the normal unscented option.

The soap base is ready; we just need to add the goodies to this mixture. Pour around 5 tablespoons of glycerin to this mixture. It goes without saying that glycerin is a natural moisturizing agent and combats the drying properties of soap. The lesser known fact about this magic ingredient is that it will help in retaining the fruity aroma of this bubble bath for quite a long time.

To this mixture, add around six to seven drops of green apple essential oil. Make sure you opt for authentic essential oils as the markets are flooded with cheap alternatives. The green apple essential oil will not only make this bubble bath refreshing but also impart a fruity apple aroma to it.

Once done, finish off by adding around five drops of green food coloring to the mixture. Stir well, and you are done. Store this bubble bath in an air-tight jar which is disinfected and cleaned well. Voila! Your very own homemade apple bubble bath is ready to use. This bubble bath can be stored for a long time but it is advisable to consume it within a short span since it may lose its fragrance.

The ideal way to use this gorgeous bubble bath is to let it soak in a tub filled with warm water for around ten minutes. Light up some aromatic candles, preferably ones with a fruity aroma. Now, soak yourself in the bubble bath for as long as you want. Catch up on some reading or just listen to your favorite music. Relax and let this rejuvenating bubble bath cast its magical spell on you. You never know, this bath regime might just become your regular habit. So, stir up this magic potion and offer a fruity favor to your senses.