How To Make Grape And Jojoba Oil Bath Soap


Cleansing is the very first step towards personal hygiene and grooming. We are very cautious with the brand of make-up we apply, the brand of facewash we use, the brand of shampoo we buy but seldom worry about the soaps we use. We totally forget that the skin of our body also holds up a lot of importance when it comes to beauty and well-being.

Many a times we just take bath with harmful synthetic soaps which are a storehouse of chemicals. Don’t you feel bad while subjecting your skin towards such harshness? Well, why not start afresh with this herbal soap which can be made right in your own kitchen. Yes, you read it right! Read on to find out how to prepare this simple grape and jojoba oil bath soap.

Jojoba and grapes, both are nature’s boons for our skin. While jojoba helps in moisturizing our skin, grape has anti-ageing properties. Jojoba also benefits acne-prone skin by deep-cleaning the pores. Grapes are full of Vitamins and anti-oxidants. In short, it would be wonderful to pamper yourself with a soap combining goodness of both jojoba and grapes. Try out this simple procedure.

Things Required To Make Grape And Jojoba Oil Bath Soap

¼ Cup distilled water
1 tsp. pure Jojoba oil
1 tsp pure Almond oil
Grapes essential oil
4 ounces natural glycerin soap
Soap mould
Heat resistant bowl
Oven mitts
Wooden spatula

Process To Make Grape And Jojoba Oil Bath Soap

You might not be able to find glycerin soap at regular shops, however look for organic markets and herbal shops. You would surely spot natural pure glycerin soaps there. Take the soap and break it into small pieces. If needed use a clean knife. Boil the distilled water in a pan and add the soap pieces in the water. Put on medium heat and keep stirring till you get a thick and even mixture. It will be a bit sticky, don’t worry.

You can carry out the above steps in a microwave too. Keep heating in intervals of 20 seconds and do not forget to use oven mitts while handling the bowl. After mixed thoroughly, remove the mixture from heat and add the jojoba oil and almond oil. Keep mixing till the soap mixture and oils are mixed properly. Once done, let it sit for a few minutes. The mixture needs to be a bit cool for the grape essence to mix well. Once cooled for around five minutes, add around 12-15 drops of grape essential oil. Stir till mixed well. Pour this soap mixture in the mould and let it set in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. Once done, pack and store the soap in a clean plastic or brown paper cover.

Make sure you use good quality soap and oils for this. It is best to hunt well before preparing this soap. Also, it is a good idea to prepare in bulk and store for later use. These soaps can be stored easily for six months if kept in a dry and cool place. Remember to use clean plastic or brown paper covers for the soap. Beauty is one of the most precious gifts of god and it is up to us to preserve and glorify it. With this jojoba and grape soap, your skin will surely thank you in abundance.