How to Make Healthy Fast Food Options

It is no news tat our body constantly craves fast food. From fries to milkshakes, chips and cheese burgers our bodies are constantly craving high sodium fried foods or sugary delights. We live in a world where we are constantly tempted by these foods. At the end of every street corner you will find a fast food joint that make resisting these foods even more difficult.

How to make healthy fast food choices

Since avoiding these fast foods completely is next to impossible, it is safe to say that we can find some healthy options to these foods at home and when we eat out.

When you are eating at the restaurant, you need to watch the menu carefully and order items that have a larger selection of vegetables incorporated in the dish. Watch the portion sizes of the foods and opt for the small or medium rather than the large. You are sure to be satiated with a small or medium and need not opt for the large. Chances are that you will be forcing the food down if you order larger portions thus increasing the amount of unnecessary calories that you consume.

Instead of ordering a soda or a cola, drink water with your meal. You can add a hint of lemon to the water if you please.

Request that your food not have added salt but add it yourself. Fast food places often use huge amount of salt in the food that is not necessary and this leads to high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Chew your food well. The longer you take with each bite of food makes you want to eat smaller portions thereby reducing the amount of food and calories that you load up on.

Some healthy fast food options include grilled chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes and a salad, boiled eggs. On a regular basis you must avoid mayo, cheese and sauces.

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