3 Ways to Make Lips More Beautiful

3 Ways to Make Lips More Beautiful

When anybody meets people, smile is the initial thing which catches attention. Proper care of lips is also essential. If lips are cracked and sore one can have painful smile. Healthy soft pink lips generally draw attention. Lips are very sensitive part of body and needs constant nurturing. Chapped dry lips ruin the complete look. Protect lips from harsh climatic conditions. Eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits. Increase water intake.

Lip balm should be applied to keep lips moisturized. Healthy Lips looks attractive and beautiful. Apply a coat of lip balm or Vaseline while using dry lipstick. Using lip balm for moisturizing the lips before going to sleep is good. Stop the habit of licking lips as saliva did not moisturize the lips.

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A lip bam with good SPF should be applied before going into inconsiderate weather. Avoid the lipsticks which can make the lips dry, if lips become chapped. Never nibble the lips. A toothbrush can be used for removing flaky skin of the lips but toothbrush should be with very soft bristles. Home made lip balm can be prepared by mixing juice of cranberry sauce with Vaseline. Apply lemon juice to lighten the dark color of lips. Juice of coriander leaves if massaged can bring out rosy and soft lips. Beet root juice can be applied for getting lips of natural pink color, before going to bed.

Grinded rose petalsa

Grinded rose petals if applied will help in getting pink lips. Light shades are helpful in making lips to look fuller. Lip balm which is menthol based if applied and brush very gently with a soft brush, this helps in getting rid of chapped lips. Massaging ghee on the lips and leave it for overnight, it will give natural protection to lips. Press a tea bag dipped in warm water over the lips for two minutes. This is helpful in increasing moisture level of lips. Remove lipstick with herbal cleanser and apply ghee over it before going to bed. Try using moisturizing lipsticks than normal ones. Apply petroleum jelly regularly and rub gently with a wet cloth.

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Ways to Make Lips More Beautiful