How to Moisturize your Skin

Moisturizing your skin is the only way to smooth, flawless and healthy skin. If you regularly use make up then you get most of the needed protection form the products that you use; if not then moisturizing your face will definitely help.

In order to be able to deep moisturize your skin you must first exfoliate your skin every alternate day. The best time to do it is at night; so that your skin is then not exposed to heat, light and pollution. Immediately after scrubbing your face you must use either a pineapple or a mango mashed on your face and applied. Let it stay on your face till it dries. You can also use deep pores cleansing strips on your skin to remove the oils from deep within. There are several at home facial peeling masks that are very effective. You must use these products regularly.

To soften your skin when you are traveling or are on the go, use a hot water towel on your face. Simply place it on your face for a few minutes and remove it when it begins to cool. Your skin will feel refreshed, use a moisturizing lotion after.

At night you can use olive oil or almond oil on your skin. These oils penetrate deep into your skin and provide it with the nourishment that it needs to glow.

During winter you need to moisturize your skin more than ever. At this time it is best to wash your face in milk or bathe in milk to make the skin all over your body feel soft and glow.

Drink plenty of water as it helps to hydrate your skin from within and give it the moisture that it needs. Do not wait to feel thirsty to drink water, keep a bottle close to you so that you can sip on it at regular intervals.

Avoid using hot water on your skin as it dries your skin by striping the natural oils from it. If you bathe in hot water then avoid doing so or bathe in warm water. Keep bath time to 4 to 5 minutes and do not expose your skin to too much water externally as it causes it to prune.