How to Outwit Food Cravings

We all crave certain foods some times. Chocolate, sweets, sugar, caffeine and junk foods are the most common food cravings. You can indulge in these foods sometimes; however if you crave these foods too often and you indulge in them you could hamper your health. There are alternative ways to control these cravings and prevent harming your body.

If your body craves sugar then you must avoid eating any foods that are processed with refined sugar or those that are high in sugar content. Instead of biting into a candy bar eat a fruit. The natural sugars in the fruit will help you to satisfy your cravings.

If your body craves sour foods like pickles then having a lime or lemon juice will help to control these cravings. You must also drink plenty of water when you have a craving for sour foods as water will soothe the acids in the stomach.

I love bacon and if you too are a fan of bacon then your body will crave for bacon regularly. However bacon is unhealthy as it has huge amounts of fat. Instead of eating it in huge portions you must eat healthier fats instead. Cook your food in olive oil or coconut oil instead of using animal fats. Cook fish in coconut oil and meats in olive oil or vegetable oil. This is a healthy way to reduce your intake of fats.

Caffeine addiction is not uncommon. However you must also be aware of the fact that caffeine does long term damage to your body. Coffee, energy drinks and chocolates are the best sources of caffeine. You must avoid them in order to maintain your health. Most of us have caffeine drinks in order to boost energy levels; if this is the case then try exercising for a few minutes to increase energy levels. You could also practice yoga to increase energy levels naturally.

If you have constant cravings then your body is trying to send you a message. The craving may be due to a certain deficiency. Lack of sleep, nutrition and an illness can lead to food cravings. Some women suffer from food cravings when they go through PMS. Ensure that you address the cause of the food craving if it persists for a long time.

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