How to Overcome a Chest Congestion with Natural Remedies

A chest congestion is not unheard of when you are suffering with a common cold, cough or fever. When you have a congestion you experience difficult in breathing and get a stuffed nose, you may also experience a sensation of getting a blocked nose and even experience wheezing. This condition worsens to develop into asthma and bronchitis. Though there are several medicines that you can avail of over the counter you will not experience any relief from the chest congestion; the medicines only take care of the other symptoms.

If you have been suffering with a congestion for extended periods then the best remedy is an herbal tea. Boil a blend of lemon grass, honey, ginger and pepper. Filter the tea to get rid of the residue of the ingredients and then drink the warm tea two to three times a day. It will help to reduce the congestion initially. With prolonged use you will be able to get rid of the congestion. You should be free of the congestion within a few days.

Aromatherapy essential oils are also useful in helping to cure the congestion. To begin with you need to add the oils to a diffuser or to your bath water and inhale the fumes that are released. Lavender, lemon, rose wood and eucalyptus oils are beneficial in the cure of congestion.

Ginger juice helps to cure congestion and sinus related colds. The juice must be mixed with honey and lemon to cure the congestion completely.

Drinking a glass of warm milk with honey helps to clear the congestion as well as prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. It also ensures that you are able to get a good night’s rest. Drink it in the morning or at night in order to get relief from the congestion.

I use a vapor inhalation for relief from congestion. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or lemon grass leaves to hot or boiling water and cover your head and breathe in the fumes of the water. This will help you to control the congestion and get rid of it within a couple of minutes. You could also try rubbing the oils on your chest and temples in order to get relief from the stuffiness.