How to Overcome a Hangover with Least Discomfort

Binge drinking is fun when you are out with your friends over the weekend. But the aftermath is difficult. The worry if you are going to wake up in time for work and looking your best takes all the fun out of drinking. There is no way to justify going to work smelling of alcohol and looking like you haven’t slept at all. Fortunately there are a few ways to get the excess alcohol out of your system; just in time to look and feel your best for work the next day. Though I recommend not drinking beyond what you can handle; there are times when you just can’t help yourself and it’s absolutely alright to indulge.

When you are down with a hangover you must rest your body as much as possible. Avoid any sort of activity. The best thing you can do to get back to reality quick is to sleep or rest. The only fuel that you must offer your body is water and liquids like fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid solid foods as they will make you throw up. Avoid coffee and tea as well. These will only dehydrate your system and you will not benefit from this. Instead drink water. Energy drinks are not going to help you either; so avoiding them is in your best interest.

Increase the amount of Vitamin C in your body. Eating fruits like grapes, oranges and tomatoes will benefit your body as they increase your hydration levels. Lemon juice is the best remedy for a hangover. Squeeze lemon into a glass of warm water or add it to chilled water with sugar and salt. You will increase your hydration levels drastically.

After your body feels less drained and the dizziness has stopped you need to give your body some solid foods. Carbohydrates are best to increase your energy levels. Eat cereal to start, avoid the milk though. The latter will make you sick once again. Avoid red meats like beef and mutton. Start with a sandwich so that you eat some whole grain and gradually proceed to eating rice.

As you feel more energized introduce heavier foods in your diet but make sure that you maintain your hydration levels till your body is back to normal.