How to Overcome Depression with the Use of Herbs

We all go through times of depression. It can range from mild to severe and in the case of the latter medication always seems to be the most common choice. Though the medications and antidepressants provided may be effective, one must remember that there is a variety of other ways to help to fight depression. One of the alternative ways to overcoming depression is to use herbs.

An alternative to using anti depressant is the use of a herb known as St. John’s wart. The herb is found in the form of a weed and the properties of the herb are known to be effective in treating the depression and are very useful to those patients who refuse to use artificial drugs and anti depressants. However, you must speak with your doctor before administering the use of this herb as it could prove to be fatal if used in conjunction with other herbs or medication like birth control.

St. Johns wart is a commonly used drug used in the place of anti depressants but it is not the only herb available to cure the condition. SAM- e is another herb that is used to replace anti depressants and the use of them. In some cases it has proven to be more effective than St. Johns warts.

Licorice is an herb that is used in the treatment of common ailments and off late it has been used to cure conditions like depression. It can be taken in the capsule form though it is more effective when brewed with tea. However, one must be cautious over using it over a long period of time without speaking with your doctor about it.

The best way to administer herbal remedies for depression is to consult a doctor at a homeopathic clinic. They would be the best people to help you out with the right information, herbs and the dosages that they must be consumed in.

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