How To Overcome Poor Circulation Naturally

Poor blood circulation puts you at risk of a heart related disorders and pressure problems. It is important that you take care of poor circulation so that you avoid any health related issues. There are several anti biotic and home remedies as well as natural treatments that help you to control your circulation and boost poor circulation. Anti biotic remedies come with a set of side effects and hence I always vouch for home and herbal remedies.

One of the most common reasons for poor circulation is stress. When you are stressed out your body tends to get stiff and this causes uneven distribution of blood. When you are stressed out the best remedy is to relax. This will give your body a chance to slow down. When you are relaxing you need to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This will increase your circulation naturally. You could also try meditation as a remedy to poor circulation.

A cardiovascular workout for 20 minutes daily will increase your circulation and this will show long term benefits. Do not exert your body for too long, keep your exercise levels moderate and for short durations. Stretching is also an effective way to increase your circulation. You could attempt a few yoga poses that will help you to stretch your muscles and thereby improve your blood circulation.

Nicotine is known for its ability to lower blood circulation and hence you need to quit nicotine in order to improve your circulation. You will experience an improvement in your circulation almost instantly.

You will also need to control your sodium intake. When you eat foods that are high in salt your blood vessels get clogged and this leads to lowered circulation. As you lower your sodium intake you open your blood vessels and this will automatically increase your blood circulation.

Add a piece of ginger root to your cup of tea or to your food preparation in order to increase your blood circulation. The herb is known to be an effective cure poor circulation. Other herbs that are effective are gingko biloba and cayenne peppers.