How to Overcome Stage Fear

Most people going on stage for the first time to deliver a performance or talk are bound to feel some fear going on the stage. One starts feeling comfortable once one has gone a few more times. The fear comes from the release of adrenaline in the body. However one can feel less tense and use it as a means to perform better on the stage.

It is first very important to get ready for the performance. It is best to get warmed up by rehearsing the play, song, dance or speech at least twice before one goes on stage. This will help one to be warmed up for the performance. It is also good to be well rested and have a good night’s sleep on the day prior to thew performance.

Besides it is best to have a good meal three to four hours before the performance to ensure you have good energy. This energy could help you feel good before and while performing.  In addition doing some breathing and stretching exercises would help one to supply oxygen to ones lungs and muscles and make one feel calm before the performance. Besides it is best to start out well on time to prepare for last minute contingencies and avoid being tensed just before performing. All this goes to help overcome stage fright.

Next it is best to remain focused and not allow other  people’s comments to dampen your spirits. It is best to remain confident of yourself. Divert all your attention and moods to making the performance the best. Visualize yourself performing on the stage and doing your best. Positive thoughts do go to make one feel good of oneself and perform better.

In addition if it is a group performance, the members in the group can help a lot in motivating one another. The members of the group could pray together, pep each one up with a pat on the shoulder or by massaging each other’s shoulder. In addition it is best to believe you have practiced well and are well prepared to give a good performance.

Besides those who talk on specialized topics can convince themselves of  their knowledge and expertise.  Besides when people who give talks fumble on the stage they can easily cover it up without by being confident and positive that they know the topic well. This confidence can however be gained only when one is well prepared.

Yes, anyone can deal with stage fear if one takes steps to see one is confident and well prepared to perform well on the stage.