How to Overcome Tuberculosis with Natural Home Remedies

Tuberculosis is a condition that can affect any part of the body but it most commonly affects the respiratory organs like the lungs, bones and the glands. This disease consumes the internal being and it affects the patients color, strength and weight. Factors like exposure to extreme cold, use of tobacco or alcohol and lowered resistance due to poor nourishment are the leading factors that causes this condition.

Calcium is the only way to win this battle. Milk is the best source of calcium and hence you must have as much milk as you can. The best way to have this milk is in the raw state; unpasteurized provided it is clean and safe to consume. Before you start on an exclusive milk diet you need to go onto an exclusive orange juice diet for 3 days.

After you have passed this stage you need to go on to the milk diet. Drink a glass of raw milk every 3 to 4 hours. In this way you will be drinking 6 liters of milk daily. Avoid gulping the milk down, drink it slowly so that every sip that you drink enhances your digestive system. In order for this remedy to be a success you need to follow this diet for 6 weeks.

Custard apples contain a rejuvenating drug that enhances ones health and thus it is used in the treatment for this condition. Boil the pulp of 2 custard apples and a handful of raisins. When the water boils and reduces to half the consistency add sugar and cardamom, cinnamon and all spice powder to the drink. Drink the liquid after meals. Follow this remedy for 4 weeks in order to see a positive change.

A spoon of Indian Gooseberry juice mixed with honey will improve your vitality and resistance to fight this disease. Drink the mix every morning. A glass of pineapple juice will also be beneficial in the cure of pulmonary tuberculosis. This is because the juice helps to eliminate mucus from the body. Orange juice mixed with salt and honey is also positive remedies for this condition.

Research has also proved bitter gourd to be linked to the prevention and cure of tuberculosis. In addition to all these remedies in order to enhance your recovery you must avoid refined sugar, white bread, cereals, puddings and pies, preserved foods and caffeine drinks. Practice deep breathing and get regular massages in order to have a quick recovery.